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The Family Planning Unit Cost Database was compiled by Eva Weissman (Avenir Health/USAID. Dec. 2007. Cost of Family Planning Literature Review.). This report is available from the Avenir Health.

A literature search and database covering the cost of reproductive health interventions compiled in the year 2003 by UNFPA served as the cornerstone of the review. In addition, a comprehensive internet search was conducted to gather more recent and additional publications on the cost of family planning provision. Cost data was organized by contraceptive method, delivery method and country, wherever possible broken down into smaller cost components (drugs and supplies, personnel cost, overhead, capital costs, etc.) and entered into a large database.

All cost estimates were converted to 2006 US Dollars to eliminate any differences in price levels over the 25-year period in which these studies took place. Cost estimates given in local currency were converted into US Dollars at the exchange rate prevalent at the time the study was carried out and then converted to 2006 US Dollars

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